Except for the health area, all public agencies have adjusted their functioning to deal with the emergency scenario of COVID-19. Here are some examples:

Judiciary Power. The National Council of Justice (CNJ) enacted, on June 1st, the Resolution No. 322, which authorizes the gradual resumption of on-site services within the Brazilian Judiciary as of June 15, if sanitary conditions and public health care make it feasible. It also establishes the reckoning of the procedural deadlines, including for physical actions, from the date of resumption. From the date on which each Courts decides to resume in-site activities, their respective Presidents will have up to 10 days to issue the normative act that will establish the new rules of prevention and safety. We listed below the court statements up to now:

TJRJ – Normative Act no. 25

TRF2 – Note of Clarification

TJSP – Note of Clarification

TRF3 – Normative Act no. 8

Rio de Janeiro Municipal Treasury Department (SMF-Rio). Among the emergency measures imposed on all SMF-Rio bodies, the following stand out: (i) suspension, from indefinite period, of the deadlines for challenges, administrative resources, compliance with requirements, cancellation of municipal registration or exclusion of services from the register of economic activities; and (ii) extension of the validity periods of ISS tax certificates and fees for 60 (sixty) days.

Rio de Janeiro State Treasury Secretariat (SEFAZ / RJ). All state public servants, including from SEFAZ, are in remote working regime.

Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB). From 03.23.2020 to 06.30.2020, the on-site service will be provided in some service units, for the following services: (i) Regularization of Individual Taxpayers’ Registry (CPF); (ii) copy of documents related to the Individual Income Tax Return (DIRPF) and the Withholding Income Tax Declaration (Dirf) – beneficiary; (iii) installments and reinstallments not available on the internet; (iv) Brazilian Federal Revenue power of attorney; and (v) protocol of processes related to the services of a) analysis and release of the certificate of fiscal good standing before the National Treasury; b) analysis and release of the certificate of fiscal good standing of rural property; c) analysis and release of certificate for registration of civil construction work; d) payment rectifications; and e) Corporate Taxpayers’ Registry (CNPJ). The other services must be solved by the virtual service or by scheduling the service on a date after 06.30.2020.

Rio de Janeiro Board of Trade (JUCERJA). The in-person services have returned on June 8, 2020 and are being carried out only through the previous scheduling in the “Contact Us” of the JUCERJA website, in the “Scheduling” option. All the digital registration options where maintained.

São Paulo Board of Trade (JUCESP). Since May 12, 2020, the on-site services are being performed on a restricted basis, from 8am to 4pm, upon appointment, in two ways: (i) delivery (via post); or (ii) drive-thru (delivery via malt). In case of requirements, schedule is available for withdrawal through the service channel.

Public Administration Bodies of the Municipality of São Paulo. In accordance with Decree No. 64,994 of May 28, 2020, which extended the quarantine measures in the State of São Paulo until June 15, the Municipality issued Decree No. 59,511 of June 9, 2020, determining that units of the Direct and Indirect Public Administration bodies shall operate exclusively through prior scheduling, with intervals between attendances and with reduced hours.

Civil Registry of Legal Entities of the Capital of Rio de Janeiro (RCPJ-RJ). The online services continue to function normally through RCPJ Central. For services in-site, the RCPJ-RJ is attending from Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 16 pm.

Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). Civil servants and trainees are working remotely. The attendance in-site, the receipt of physical documents,  the in-site trial sessions, and the internal or external meetings are suspended.

Notaries and Property Registry Offices. The measures of suspension and reduction of activities within the Extrajudicial Services were extended until June 14, in accordance with CNJ Provisional Decree 101/2020. In the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Ordinance CGJ/RJ 42/2020  regulated the measures to confront covid-19 until the same date, maintaining the recommendation of remote work and the observation of the protocols of the public health authorities in cases of in-person services. In the State of São Paulo, the Notice CGJ 421/2020 extended the measures of suspension and reduction of the activities provided by the Ordinance  CGJ/SP 08/2020 in the State until June 14.

Our offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are available to answer any questions about the above measures.