This month, the News Portal LACCA (Latin American Corporate Counsel Association) aired the latest results from its traditional annual research called LACCA Approved.

This is a survey in which latin America’s leading in-houses vote for lawyers of their choice in 13 areas of law practice.

Only corporate lawyers are eligible to vote for any lawyer who works in the Portal coverage region. In the research process, the nominations of the members are verified, counted and also considered, and “the largest buyers of legal services in the region” gain more prominence in this process. In this selection, approved lawyers are classified based on the number of indications received and the importance of the clients who designate them.

The law firm Fraga, Bekierman e Cristiano Advogados was elected for the 2nd consecutive year with emphasis in the following areas:

  • Anti-corruption & compliance
  • Antitrust & competition
  • Corporate / M&A
  • Intellectual property law
  • Litigation
  • Tax

To learn about our lacca approved seal results, please visit the link