On June 26th, 2023, the ANPD released the guide “Personal Data Processing for Academic and Research Purposes“, aimed at providing processing agents with recommendations and guidelines that can encourage the adoption of good practices and support the processing of personal data carried out for academic purposes and for studies and research in a manner compatible with the legislation.

The application of LGPD is partially excluded from processing personal data for academic purposes. It was up to ANPD to clarify aspects to ensure a balance between, on the one hand, personal data protection and guarantees of privacy and informational self-determination and, on the other, academic freedom and free flow of information needed for the educational environment.

The need to comply with the general principles and rules in articles 7 and 11 of the LGPD, such as anonymization, is not ruled out. Each case must be assessed individually, always considering the specific purpose of each operation.

To access the complete Guide, click HERE.

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