Dear clients and friends,

We are following closely the news and events involving the Covid-19 pandemic, from its social and economic impacts to its repercussions in the legal sphere.

Over the past few weeks, our employees have been instructed to observe all recommendations and containment protocols of health authorities, through the circulation of informative reports about forms of prevention and other care, also the material support offered by the office in its units.

Also, to minimize the risk of community contamination, we have taken measures to reduce the flow of people in our facilities in the next weeks by adopting remote work, and the switch of our in-person meetings to video or conference calls whenever possible.

It is worth remembering that our offices will remain operational and at full capacity during this period.

Those abovementioned preventive and transitional measures reflect our commitment to our employees and our community.

We hope that we can overcome this situation that is affecting Brazil and the world as soon as possible.