Check here the content prepared by our labor team regarding the measures that the public authorities have been taking to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic in maintaining jobs.

05.04.2020 – The pandemic and the risks of civil and criminal liability of the employer due to exposure and contagion

04.28.2020 – Work leave due to COVID-19 – Transfer of the first 15 days of wage to INSS

04.17.2020 – COVID 19 – Supreme Court revokes a preliminary injunction that determined the union’s validation of individual salary reduction agreements and contract suspension provided for in MP 936/2020

04.15.2020 – COVID-19 – Effects of social isolation policy on payments of labor agreements

04.09.2020 – COVID-19 – Suspension of employment contract – Article 8 of Provisional Measure No. 936/2020 – Family Salary Benefit

04.07.2020 – COVID-19 – Decision issued in Direct Action of Unconstitutionality (ADI) about individual agreement to reduce working hours and suspension of the employment contract of MP nº 936/2020

04.02.2020 – COVID-19 – Comments on the Emergency Employment Program – MP 936/2020

03.23.2020 – COVID-19 – Provisional Measure 927/2020 and Labor Measures Aiming the Jobs Maintenance Due to COVID-19