Given the countless social and economic repercussions resulting from the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), public authorities have recommended preventive measures and imposed restrictions on the entire population. Public and private entities adopted precautionary protocols and reformulated their activities to better adapt to times of crisis.

The first measures planned to deal with the public health emergency resulting from the spread of COVID-19 were set out in Law No. 13.979, of February 6, 2020, among them: isolation and quarantine of people; temporary closure of ports, highways and airports; compulsory laboratory exams and tests and medical treatments; requisition of goods and services, with subsequent compensation; exceptional and temporary authorization to import products without registration with Anvisa; and exemption from bidding for the purchase of health goods, services, and supplies for dealing with calamity.

With the worsening of the crisis, , the Brazilian Senate recognized the state of public calamity (Legislative Decree No. 6, 2020), with effects until December 31st, 2020. In the same direction, the Governments of mainly all the States, as well as the respective Governments of the biggest Municipalities, declared a situation of public emergency, to implement measures to face the pandemic. General restrictions on the movement of people were imposed, with the suspension of classes in public and private schools and universities, closure or teleworking regime in public agencies, reduction in the operation of public transport, and closure of commercial establishments. Offending agents are subject to civil, administrative and criminal liability, as regulated by the Ministries of Justice and Public Security and Health.

Aware of the repercussions caused by such an emergency, the teams from Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano Advogados prepared this report with a summary of the main normative acts related to COVID-19 and their impacts on business continuity.

Tax and Customs Aspects
For more detailed information about tax aspects, please access our Newsletter about the main tax measures to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 clicking here.
Labor Aspects
For detailed information about labor aspects, please click here.
Contractual Aspects
Check out the material that our team has prepared regarding the contractual alternatives in the context of the pandemic by clicking here.
Other Legal and Economic Aspects
Here are the main measures proposed by the authorities so far.
Public Bodies Functioning and Terms
Except for the health area, all public agencies have adjusted their functioning to deal with the emergency scenario of COVID-19.


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