In light of the complexity of the Brazilian tax system, relying on a permanent, specialized advisory is crucial for a business’s success.

Our firm is a reference point in tax matters, offering our clients consulting and litigation teams led by the foremost authorities on the topic in Brazil.

Our expertise covers matters of high complexity, sophisticated corporate/financial operations, international business dealings, foreign investments in Brazil, and the expansion of Brazilian companies’ business interests to other countries. Our work is quite broad, encompassing federal, state and municipal tax issues.

In addition to our work and our clients’ representation in court and administrative litigation proceedings, the scope of our work further includes the following activities:

  • tax planning;
  • advisement in the structuring, review, and implementation of financial operations and projects, considering sensitive issues such as transfer prices, directs and indirect taxes, interpretation of international treaties, tax incentives/benefits, taxation of expatriates;
  • support in the mapping and evaluation of different tax models to be adopted, according to the client’s enterprise;
  • advisement and consultation aiming to mitigate risk exposure;
  • consulting in cross-border operations, multilateral treaties, and interactions with foreign offices;
  • drafting opinions and responses to consultations;
  • oppositions to tax requirements deemed unlawful and unconstitutional;
  • taxpayer defense against tax assessment notices;
  • execution of studies and analyses to ascertain and recover wrongly paid taxes and contributions;
  • advisory related to tax incentives and benefits.
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