The oil and gas industry requires its agents to be highly prepared and cautious, especially when dealing with price instabilities, regulatory changes, and intensifying competition.

We offer legal advisory on dealings within the many different areas of the oil & gas industry (upstream and downstream) and assist several market players, including equipment suppliers and service providers in the seismic, logistics, robotics, boring, navigation, transport, technical support, and other areas.

We provide legal advice and consulting services, particularly on corporate, contractual, tax, environmental, bidding and regulatory issues, including:

    • assistance with all kinds of operations, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and renegotiation of debts and financing arrangements;
    • auditing;
    • drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts, such as joint operating agreements (JOAs), gas sales agreements (GSAs), transportation agreements, marketing agreements, concessions, EPC, etc.;
    • legal advisory on the clients’ relationship with the ANP and other regulating bodies/agencies in the industry;
    • licensing and other environmental procedures;
    • legal support with issues concerning special customs systems;
    • advisement on labor and welfare issues associated with the industry, as well as antitrust and competition law;
    • structuring of projects and corporate arrangements (including the formation of consortia and special vehicles – SPEs).

Also, we handle legal and administrative proceedings, as well as arbitration processes, concerning matters and companies in the field of oil and gas.

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