The knowledge of the rules governing public administration and its procedures is crucial for success in contracting with the public authorities and operating on regulated markets.

We are widely experienced in advising companies contracting with the Public Authorities (Federal, State, and Municipal), in addition to a solid background working with companies operating on markets under the inspection of regulating agencies, including:

  • assistance with bidding processes (all kinds);
  • support in the negotiation, examination, and review of administrative contracts;
  • assistance in the preparation, modeling, implementation, and management of projects in regulated markets, including for the procurement of funding;
  • assistance in the negotiation and structuring of intricate funding, corporate arrangements (joint ventures) and contractual arrangements;
  • evaluation of tax, labor and environmental ramifications from the execution of projects;
  • development, implementation, assessment, and review of Compliance Programs.

Besides, we have recognized experience handling administrative and legal proceedings involving bids, governmental contracts, price renegotiations, challenging of penalties, as well as before Audit Committees and Courts of Audit.

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