On 06.03.2024, Senator Angelo Coronel presented Bill No. 615/2024 which aims to ensure the autonomy of the ANPD.

The ANPD was initially established as a body linked to the Presidency of the Republic and later transformed, by Law No. 14.460/2022, into a  special nature autarchy, endowed with technical and decision-making autonomy.

However, the legislative amendment raised doubts about the concept of special autarchy and the administrative prerogatives granted to the ANPD to carry out its legal functions, resulting in uncertainty regarding the legal and true extent of the entity’s autonomy. Thus, the Bill seeks to objectively grant the ANPD the same prerogatives attributed to other regulatory agencies and the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), which are entities with similar powers similar.

To access the entire Bill, click HERE.

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